A retro and charming piece of furniture is making a big comeback.  The versatile Murphy bed, which can be flipped up inside a closet or cabinet, when not is use, provides alternatives to city dwellings or the trending “tiny homes”.

Once a favorite prop of comedians in the early 20th century silent film era.  Many people would be folded up in the bed or it will fall unexpectedly.  These are common thought associated with the Murphy bed even today.  Largely due to the fact that they were used to get a laugh back in the day.  Truth is, Murphy beds are very safe.  A person cannot be folded up inside one and they most likely will not fall on your head!  Although these are myths, the nostalgia around Murphy beds is very endearing.

Murphy beds are perfect for loft apartments in big cities, such as New York or Boston.  Space is expensive in these urban areas, so if you can use your bedroom as a living room with one easy step, it’s a win-win!  Many people are also tackling the world of tiny homes.  Murphy beds provide the same functionality in a tiny home.  Being able to maximize every square inch of your space is extremely important.

Murphy beds aren’t just for small spaces though.  Some homeowners use them for guest sleeping in sewing rooms, pool houses, or craft room.  You can use the space for its main purpose, but with a Murphy bed you can be ready for guests at any time.  Today’s versatile Murphy beds are easy and safe to install and use, most anyone can open and close one in a few simple steps!

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