Small living isn’t for everyone, but if you’re in a big city; that’s a different story. Apartments and studios are what you’ll mostly find when you live in a bigger city. The more people that can live in that area, the better for that city.

The difference between an apartment and a studio is that the studio doesn’t have any bedrooms or other rooms, besides the bathroom. The living area, kitchen and sleeping arrangements are all out in the open. Kind of neat, right?

With a well-designed studio, you will be able to create a perfect living situation that will offer plenty possibilities.

How to Make Your Studio Livable

Choose selective furniture that will maximize your living space. Various types of furniture such as a Murphy bed, floating shelves and an attached desk will help free up some available space. The available space will be able to accommodate a small love sofa or table depending on the square footage of the studio.

A Murphy Bed will be your savor when living in small quarters. The latest addition to the family is the Davenport collection. This collection is our Fremont Collection with an addition of a studio desk. It allows you to have an office desk and a Murphy Bed all in one unit.

The Davenport features a very clean and elegant look that is made with real wood veneer. This choice of Murphy Bed can be both modern and traditional with the decision of your décor. The Murphy Bed is a great solution for a student or a working professional.

There are some other ways to make your studio livable. Some ways could be:

  • Selecting the right choice of paint can break up the areas and brighten up the space
  • Utilizing your space with items that are dually equipped
  • Smaller furniture

You can shop our Davenport Collection to help maximize your space today!

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