Our History

The first Murphy Bed was invented in the 1900s by William Murphy, which was the old-fashioned bed that folds into a closet. William Murphy patented his closet bed in 1908, but he did not trademark the name “Murphy Bed”, so it became a commonly used term.

Our company, MurphyBed Studios, was created in 2012. We took the original idea and the modern-day design and started our own collections of Murphy Beds. We first started by building our simple Manhattan Collection and selling it on Craigslist, until we were finally able to grow and create a fully functioning online shopping cart.

Over the years, MurphyBed Studios has added new styles, features and finishes to the initial offerings, and has continued to thrive by shipping custom-made Murphy beds all over the country. Today, we are focused on updating and growing our collections as well as incorporating modern conveniences into our products.

MurphyBed Studios has been honored with numerous awards, and featured in local newspapers as well as the Tulsa People magazine. And we are committed to serving our community through charitable donations and volunteer efforts.

What We Do

At MurphyBed Studios, our mission is to provide our customers with durable, handcrafted Murphy beds. We strive to make our customer’s lives a bit simpler, by combining traditional beds with modern designs.

Our space saving, fine quality beds allow homeowners to increase their living space by easily transforming an extra room, such as a home office or craft room, into a bedroom for overnight guests.

We’re experts in custom-made beds and offer a wide range of fashion-forward styles-from classic to contemporary. Our economical, on-trend designs fit every budget and lifestyle. All MurphyBed Studios beds are proudly made in the USA.


Media Coverage

3004, 2018

The Versatile Murphy Bed

April 30th, 2018|Comments Off on The Versatile Murphy Bed

A retro and charming piece of furniture is making a big comeback.  The versatile Murphy bed, which can be flipped up inside a closet or cabinet, when not is use, provides alternatives to city dwellings or the trending “tiny homes”. Once a favorite prop of comedians in the early 20th century silent film era.  Many people would be folded up in the bed or it will fall unexpectedly.  These are common thought associated with the Murphy bed even today.  Largely due to the fact that they were used to get a laugh back in the day.  Truth is, Murphy beds [...]

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