When your children have grown up and moved out you may be left with an empty house in more ways than one. Once filled-to-the-brim bedrooms lay bare. Stuffed-full closets are now vacant. Re-inventing your children’s bedrooms can give you purpose and inspire your creative side. There are many options when it comes to transforming spare rooms so we’ve compiled a short list of our favorites.

  1. A hobby room. Maybe at one time you kept your sewing machine in a corner of your bedroom or your supplies tucked away in the top of your linen closet. Now you can spread out and turn that spare room into your material mecca.


  1. If seams aren’t your thing, turn your room into a game room! From board games to puzzles, your new game room can entertain for hours. Hang a dart board or invest in a vintage Pac Man arcade game for an unbeatable ambiance.


  1. Are you not a game-player? What about adding a home office to your space? Keeping the computer, laptop and printer all in one room could help you keep distractions at bay. Making a much needed conference call after traditional office hours is much easier in a quiet home office.


  1. If you’ve already retired and prefer spend your days catching up on movies you’ve always wanted see but never were able to, a theater room may be for you. Make sure to add light blocking curtains and a popcorn machine for the ultimate theater experience.


  1. Move over, Belle because in-home libraries aren’t just for Disney Castles. Line your walls with shelves and add your favorite novels, memoirs and other essentials. With a cozy chair and comfy ottoman, you’re sure to have a new favorite room.


No matter what you decide to do with your newly renovated space, consider this: you’re sure to have visitors. Include a Murphy Wall bed to your refurbished room. No matter what you decide your new haven should be, a Murphy Wall Bed gives you an extra bedroom without sacrificing space.


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