When living in a small apartment or smaller home, it can get crowded pretty quick. With various house necessities and not enough storage, you could be fighting for space all the time. One space you’re most likely in need of is a spare bedroom to host overnight guests or for a new child. The solution: A Murphy bed.

Having a Murphy bed within your small space enables you to save floor space when necessary. Whether you’re living in an apartment or a studio loft, a Murphy bed works great for sleeping arrangements at night and an active living space during the day.

Living in Tight Living Quarters

When living in tight living quarters it can be pretty challenging, especially with two or more people. For example, many apartments are only a couple hundred square feet with just one bedroom, so you might be wishing for a second room, which of course is nonexistent. This is where the Murphy bed comes into play.

Murphy beds are a great way to utilize the space that you’re currently living in to make it work. Needing another “room” to host a guest or a new family member? Placing a Murphy bed within the living space of the home creates a two-in-one room by enabling you to sleep, do some office work, dine, and watch TV.

Creative Spaces

Living in an apartment that is less than 800 square feet is when the space starts to become more of a creative project because maximizing space is ideal. If there is just you or another person living in that space, it should be functional yet thought out creatively.

Here are some ideas where a Murphy bed can be incorporated into a small space that acts as two:

  • A tall mirror in the living room
  • Bench with hooks above it
  • Underneath a built-in bookshelf
  • Standing as a closet or built-in closet
  • Piece of artwork

All of these ideas are made to fit the space and not look awkward. Every placement counts because it should be functional yet creative.

Our Murphy beds recycle your space and provide you with an extra spot for guests to sleep. Our beds come in various styles, wood finishes, and sizes to accommodate your space and style of your home.

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