Murphy Bed- This year for the holiday season, wouldn’t it be nice to be prepared for when guests visit? From decorations to sleeping arrangements, creating a space that feels like home and is cozy is essential.

If people are traveling to your home to stay with you and the family, they will want to feel as if they were in their own home. The holidays are the best time of the year because you get to gather with friends and family that you might not have seen for quite some time. These gatherings are based around family, friends, food, and overnight stays. In order to accommodate guests this holiday season, here are a few tips from Murphy Wall Bed USA to create the perfect space.

Holiday Décor

Since family and friends will be traveling to your home for the holidays, it’s only right to have holiday décor within your house. The entrance of your home is the first people will see, so decorating your banister and foyer with traditional seasonal touches such as a small tree, seasonal plants, and garland. In other parts of your home, decorating with little touches of holiday spice and everything nice will welcome your guests.

Elaborate Dinners

The holidays are designed to get together with people we love and consume yummy foods. Most family gatherings will include elaborate dinners or dining options. It’s best to have a large table on hand within your home to accommodate everyone that is in attendance. Bringing everyone together at the dinner table will make for great memories.


Sleeping arrangements can be a challenge for some homes. If you’re expecting more than usual, you feel bad if they sleep on the sofa or on a blowup mattress for a few days. Murphy Wall Bed has an alternative instead of putting your guests in a hotel.

Our Murphy Bed saves your space during the day, and provides you with a bed at night. Our wallbed collections include various sophisticated and sleek designs that allows you to choose the finish, handles, and handle colors. Our mattresses come in Twin, Full, and Queen sizes to accommodate the space and adds character to any space. If you’re interested in a Murphy Bed to save space this holiday season, we’re offering 15% OFF your purchase using the code: cyber15 or bfs15.

Bathroom Manners

The bathroom is just as important as the sleeping arrangements. Your guests will want to feel as comfortable as possibly, so bringing warmth to your guest bathroom and powder room will do just the trick! Adding a candle or two, festive paper napkins, and a smaller plant will carry the holiday spirit entirely through the home.

Having family and friends over for the holidays doesn’t need to be stressful. Murphy Bed Studios can help with our space saving beds, along with these tips for welcoming your guests!

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