Murphy Bed – Living tiny has been the latest trend for various reasons such as a better lifestyle, sense of self, and consolidated life without worries.

When you’re transitioning from a regular sized home with rooms that accommodate your belongings to a home that is the size of one room, it becomes a big lifestyle change and downsize. Most people go tiny for that specific reason.

Some questions that might pop in your mind are:

  • What amenities can I have within my tiny home?
  • Can I have a full size refrigerator?
  • What are my sleeping arrangements going to be like?
  • Can I fit a full-sized bed in my tiny home?
  • Do I have to buy special furniture to fit inside?

These are just some basic questions that arise when purchasing a tiny home. If you’ve ever seen the HGTV show, Tiny House Hunters, you will understand what we’re talking about.

Living tiny can be difficult but there are ways around it by utilizing the space. A loft is one way to utilize space and create a living area above the main living quarters. Having a loft area allows you to possess the same sized bed and mattress as you would in a regular sized home, but overhead room is shorter.

Opposed to the loft, no worries there is another solution for your tiny home! Murphy beds are the way to go while living within a tiny home. To maximize space, the best solution would be to hide your bed within the wall space of the tiny home. Why? Because you can easily pull it down from the wall and have your sleeping quarters within your living quarters.

The Murphy bed offers more sleeping space because you’re capable of fitting a twin to a king sized Murphy bed within your tiny home space depending on the size. With the varying floor plans, tiny homes will feature a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and sometimes another room. Murphy beds make the use of day time space that turns into private sleeping chambers at night.

If you’re interested in a Murphy bed for your tiny home or for a smaller room within your home, we offer a variety of collections. These Murphy bed collections give you the opportunity to customize the wardrobe and finishing touches to match the style of your space!

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