When you’re being treated right by a company, feeling like you’re the most important person, and receiving what you’ve asked for and more – it’s considered exceptional service. At Murphy WallBed USA, we exceed the customer’s expectations by providing them all of the essentials and service for their Murphy bed.

Exceptional service stands for the following: satisfaction of the customer, the relationship you maintain with that customer on future purchases or maintenance, and offering specials or deals to show that you really care about the customer.

With a purchase of a Murphy bed from our elegant, sophisticated, and modern collections, the customer service doesn’t end there. Our company stands for service beyond the purchase and install of our Murphy beds.

Easy Online Order

We want it to be as easy as possible for our customers to choose a Murphy bed from our collections or even customize their own. We have eight collections to choose from, with each one showcasing something unique.

Our process to purchasing a Murphy bed is fun and simple:

1. Choose a simple or premium collection on our Products page.
2. Read the description to determine if it fits your style.
3. Then you can select the finish, handles, and size.
4. You can also add some extra options such as lights and/or a mattress.
5. To help you pick all the features there are tabs on the bottom with detailed dimensions, finishes, installation, mattress information, and photos.
6. Once you’re satisfied you’ve chosen all you want, Click “Add to Cart”.
7. Clicking “Add to Cart” will take you to the cart with all of your purchases in it displaying the price, quantity, and total cost.
8. You’re able to calculate the shipping cost, add a promotional code, and double check your order here.
9. Proceeding with the order will have you fill out a billing address, shipping address, and a review and payment.

Our online ordering is as simple as that and if you’re having any issues we have an option to “Talk with a Representative” at the bottom or you can call our 800 number toll free at 1-855-492-5523.

Install Videos

Whether you’re installing the Murphy bed yourself or having our team install it for you (if you live close enough for that service), we’ve created install videos to be able to see all the steps involved. Our install videos are displayed on our website and our YouTube channel for easy access. The videos are a step by step, very informative process for anyone installing the Murphy bed. You just need to make sure there are two people to do the install.

**Soon we will also have “Quick How To” videos! **

Installation Manual

Each Murphy bed comes with a written instruction manual that explains How To assemble your bed. The manual is there for guidance and help through the entire installation process. We spent a long time designing our installation manual to fit our Murphy beds and be as user-friendly as possible. We encourage everyone to use the manual and our install video, since you’re working with wood and moving mechanical parts combined you want to make sure you’re doing it safely.


We take pride in the quality of our work and when you purchase a Murphy bed from us you get our manufacturer’s warranty. Each Murphy bed has a 15-year warranty on all of the mechanism as well as 1-year warranty on all the wood components. The only thing our warranty doesn’t cover is damage caused by misuse of the bed, which is why we have an orange sticker on the bottom of the bed frame and explain proper care in our manual.

Customer Feedback

At Murphy WallBed USA, we’ve had many customers give their feedback first hand on our various sites that rate us with 5 stars. You can also watch our customers give their feedback and talk about updates and after sale support in short videos on our homepage. We put Customer Service first and the feedback is something we take very seriously and love to hear back about every experience. And if there’s a problem and something needs to be fixed—we can do it!

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