Murphy Wall Beds are available in a variety of styles and finishes, and are a great choice for lofts, studios, or other living arrangements where space is limited. Murphy Wall Beds tuck away neatly when they are not in use so that you can make the most of any area in your home. Investing in a Murphy Wall Bed can transform an existing home office, spare room, study, or even dining room into a guest room in no time.

Since their inception, over a century ago, Murphy Beds have vastly improved! Available in any size, from twin to California king, Murphy Wall Beds are just as comfortable as any normal bed and the best part about these beds, is the fact that when they are not being slept on they can fold up into their own armoire.

Murphy Wall Beds have become more popular not only because they utilize space efficiently, but because they even add value to homes in areas where maximizing space is critical. If you are looking for a great way to maximize your living arrangements and to add some space to your small home, contact Murphy Wall Beds to our collection of Wall Beds.

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