Technology surrounds our lives every day. Whether you’re on the go or sitting in your home, technology empowers how we work and live. Our Murphy beds provide the comfort of staying connected and up-to-date by offering the perfect accessories.

Murphy beds are already a convenience to your home by supplying sleeping arrangements without taking up any more space. Having the hidden bed inside the wall accommodates your current living situation. But, what if that living arrangement was packed with tech-savvy details?

When you purchase a Murphy bed, you’re not just receiving another space for a guest but a chance to make that guest feel right at home with all of the essentials. Our Murphy beds offer various add-ons to make your guests feel comfortable. Below are just a few things we offer, but we love working with creative clients and coming up with more options and ideas.

LED Lights operated by remote or dimmable switch

LED lights are very energy efficient compared to the traditional incandescent lighting. They use significantly less energy that will help you save money per month. The remote and dimmable access for the LED lights helps switch on the lights and keep the low while watching TV or reading a book.

USB Charging Station for any mobile device

Always stay charged by your bedside with USB charging. Whether you’re wanting to check email or play a Candy Crush game bedside, your phone or mobile device will start to lose its charge. With our USB charging station for any of your mobile devices, you won’t have to worry about finding an outlet near the Murphy bed.

Ability to Mount a TV onto the face of the bed               

Having guests spend the night means you need to entertain, so how would you feel about having the ability to have a guestroom and an entertainment room all-in-one? Mounting a TV onto the face of your Murphy Bed gives you that extra space to hang out with your guests, as well as a have a designated guest bedroom.

Motion-sensed lighting on the sides that light up when you get up

The worst part about staying over at someone else’s home is always worrying where things are during the night hours. Without waking anyone else up in the room or blinding yourself with the bright lighting of the overhead lights, our Murphy bed can be supported with motion-sensed lighting on both sides of the bed that light up when you get out of the bed. Just another reason to own a Murphy bed!

It’s important to stay up-to-date with technology, even when you’re at rest.

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