Can I place my Murphy bed order online?2018-03-29T16:04:34-05:00

Absolutely! Please visit the Products link on our home page to place your order. If you prefer, you can also place your order by calling our Toll Free phone number, 918-836-5833, or by visiting our MurphyBed Studios showroom and placing your order in person.

What are your Murphy beds made of?2016-01-22T13:19:27-06:00

We have a few different types of materials we use: real hard woods, furniture grade veneer plywood, melamine material, as well as eco-friendly melamine material.

When can I expect my bed after I purchase it online?2015-06-02T09:05:48-05:00

Most orders have a lead time of three weeks. Our Manhattan collection has only 5-7 days of lead time. For shipping questions please visit our Shipping Information page.

Can I order online?2018-03-29T16:04:34-05:00

Absolutely! Our webpage offers a full custom shopping cart that enables just that. Please visit our Shopping Cart to design your personal bed, or click the “Purchase Now” link on the home page.

How thick of a mattress can I use?2015-06-02T09:08:13-05:00

All of our collections can accommodate a mattress up to 12″ thick. You can also purchase a mattress directly from us, which was designed specifically for our beds.

Is installation hard?2017-07-05T09:57:38-05:00

Installation is made simple with our comprehensive, easy to navigate manual. Each bed that is purchased comes with a step-by-step instruction manual for all of our collections. If you encounter a complication, please call tech support at 918-836-5833. We also offer installation within a 200 mile radius of our showroom in Tulsa, OK.

Does this bed come with handles?2015-06-02T09:12:17-05:00

All of our beds come with standard 12 inch satin nickel bar pulls. You can upgrade to other styles and colors in our shopping cart.

If I buy more than one bed, does the shipping rate change?2015-06-02T09:12:49-05:00

The shipping rates are determined by weight. With the additional bed the weight is doubled, so the shipping rate will be adjusted accordingly.

Do you ship your beds to any other countries?2015-06-02T09:13:09-05:00

Our beds can be shipped anywhere in the US (see our shipping information page).To learn more about our shipping rates please visit our Shipping Information page or contact us for international shipping.

Do you carry horizontal Murphy beds?2015-06-02T09:14:24-05:00

We do carry horizontal beds; they utilize the same high-tech Murphy bed mechanism as our other collections. However, they raise and lower the mattress on the side rather than the foot of the folding bed. This option is ideal for rooms with ceiling and projection constraints.

I would like to stain/paint my Murphy bed on my own. Do you offer Murphy beds unfinished?2015-06-02T09:14:56-05:00

We sure do, unfinished beds are also included in our product options.

Do you have a showroom where I can come and see your Murphy beds?2016-07-06T16:07:41-05:00

Yes! Our showroom is located in Tulsa, OK. (Please visit our Contact Information Page for hours and directions.)

What is the difference between your wallbed and one I can buy at the store?2018-03-29T16:04:34-05:00

The wallbeds at stores are mass produced and the style, color, and dimensions are fixed. Working with MurphyBed Studios allows you to choose the color you love, the design you want, and any personal touches you like.

What tools are needed to put a Murphy bed together?2018-03-29T16:04:34-05:00

Please refer to our installation manual.

Download a PDF Instruction Manual

(Each bed you buy will include a printed manual)

Is the wall bed comfortable enough to be used every day?2015-06-02T09:19:50-05:00

Our wall beds are designed and constructed with your comfort in mind and are used every day in both residential and commercial areas.

How much space will the bed take up when it is open?2018-03-29T16:04:34-05:00

The fully open, queen size bed, protrudes 90 inches into the room. And only 84 inches in full, or twin size.


Size Height Width Depth Projection
King 88 3/4″ 84 1/2″ 17 1/2″ 90″
Queen 88 3/4″ 68 1/2″ 17 1/2″ 90″
Full 83 3/4″ 59 1/2″ 17 1/2″ 84 3/4″
Twin 83 3/4″ 45 1/2″ 17 1/2″ 84 3/4″


Size Height Width Depth Projection
King N/A N/A N/A N/A
Queen 68 1/2″ 86 1/4″ 16 3/4″ 70″
Full 62 1/2″ 80″ 16 3/4″ 64″
Twin 47 1/2″ 80″ 16 3/4″ 49″
Is a Murphy bed safe? Do they ever just fall open?2015-06-02T09:25:23-05:00

This is the safest means of installation and we believe it is the safest wall bed frame on the market today. These beds will never “fall open,” you must pull the bed to bring it down. During installation, the mattress is secured to the bed frame and the mechanism is adjusted so any adult can easily open and close the bed, even using just a finger.

How does a Murphy bed work?2015-06-02T09:25:49-05:00

This is a counter-balanced spring mechanism, which can be adjusted for the weight of the mattress by adding more springs. The bed fastens to the wall with 3 studs using angle brackets on top. To control it, you can simply pull the bed down and lift it back up.

What is the best priced unit you offer?2015-06-02T09:26:18-05:00

Our most economical bed is a Manhattan Collection, with a 2 step crown mold. This bed also comes with satin nickel, 12 inch bar pulls. Unit price is $1,299 plus shipping.

How do I order a Murphy bed from MurphyBed Studios?2015-06-02T09:26:58-05:00

Click on the “products” link on our home page, choose the collection you like, and it will guide you step by step through the entire process.

What sizes of Wallbeds do you offer?2015-06-02T09:27:24-05:00

Our wall beds come in twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

Can I add side cabinets?2015-06-02T09:29:22-05:00

Absolutely! Email or call us and we can build it to your specifications.

What are your Murphy beds made of?2015-05-28T19:15:53-05:00

We have a few different types of materials we use: real hard woods, veneer plywood, melamine material, as well as eco-friendly melamine material.

Can I use any mattress?2015-06-02T09:34:48-05:00

Yes! This is one of the cost saving advantages of our Murphy bed frame. As long as you have a standard size, up to 12 inches thick mattress, it will fit with the corresponding size frame of your choice.

Do you supply mattresses for wallbeds?2016-01-22T11:43:56-06:00

Absolutely! We carry plush and firm 12 inch mattresses.
Click the following links to learn about our mattresses:
Soft Impressions Plush
Soft Impressions Firm