What if you could turn your child’s playroom into their bedroom as well? Think about it, this would mean the toys could all be in the same room! A one room clean up sounds a bit easier to control. There’s only one problem, your child wants more space in their room to play in!

That’s where Murphy Wall Beds come in handy.

During the day, there will be an open space to play, and at night you just pull the bed out of the wall to go to sleep!

The Murphy wall bed maximizes your living area.  A Murphy bed will help create the space your child needs for maximum comfort, freedom and convenience.

Four Reasons Why Your Child Needs a Murphy Bed:

1. The Ultimate playroom- With a Murphy bed your child would have a playroom that they otherwise might not have.

2. Sleepovers- Your children’s friends are going to freak out! How fun would it be to have a hidden bed? It is practically magic!

3. Less clean up- Now you only have one room to stress about! Every night your child will have to pick up the toys on the ground to make room to sleep.

4. Our Kitson Collection comes with a chalk boards or a magnet/dry erase face panel. This bed offers the chance for kids to get to express themselves and let their imaginations run wild. Plus, everyone wants a bed that they can draw on too!

This new style for your children’s rooms will be a hit! Call us today to find out more information on Murphy WallBeds Kitson Collection.