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Updating Your Space within a Budget

Whether you’re renting a space or own your home, it’s important to keep it lively. How do you keep the place you live more lively? You update it to your current taste and preference. Just like your wardrobe, your home needs a refresh every so often. With furniture and various pieces of home décor that [...]

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Space Saving Bed for Tiny Homes

With more than 10 million viewers of HGTV’s shows about tiny houses, it’s no wonder that more and more consumers are adopting this minimalist trend. Going small doesn’t necessarily mean going without - as it’s said, “good things in tiny packages”. From micro apartments to skoolies (renovated school buses) Murphy wall beds are the easy [...]

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Bringing Flexibility to Your Home

The open floor plan or better known as open concept is a home owner’s must-have in today’s world. Why? Because it allows the various rooms to flow while creating an uninterrupted living space. Whether you’re living in a small 700 square foot apartment or a 3-story home, flexibility is key. Flexibility within your home will [...]

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Keeping up with Modern Technology

Technology surrounds our lives every day. Whether you’re on the go or sitting in your home, technology empowers how we work and live. Our Murphy beds provide the comfort of staying connected and up-to-date by offering the perfect accessories. Murphy beds are already a convenience to your home by supplying sleeping arrangements without taking up [...]

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7 Reasons to Own a Murphy Bed

Owning a Murphy bed enables your home to accommodate another living situation that folds out of the wall and/or inside a closet. With the minimalist and tiny-living movement, a Murphy bed is all the rage. Here are 7 reasons as to why you should hop on board and get a Murphy Bed of your own: [...]

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Murphy Bed – Exceptional Service

When you’re being treated right by a company, feeling like you’re the most important person, and receiving what you’ve asked for and more – it’s considered exceptional service. At Murphy WallBed USA, we exceed the customer’s expectations by providing them all of the essentials and service for their Murphy bed. Exceptional service stands for the [...]

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Murphy Bed- Living in Small Quarters

Murphy Bed - Living tiny has been the latest trend for various reasons such as a better lifestyle, sense of self, and consolidated life without worries. When you’re transitioning from a regular sized home with rooms that accommodate your belongings to a home that is the size of one room, it becomes a big lifestyle [...]

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Murphy Beds- Tulsa Home & Garden Show

Murphy Beds- Does your home need some love and home improvement? Where can you get guidance and help from the experts? The Tulsa Home & Garden Show. At the Tulsa Home & Garden Show, you can experience home improvement in front of your very eyes. It’s one of Oklahoma’s largest home and garden product trade [...]

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Murphy Bed- The American Dream

Murphy Bed- The American Dream American made Two men from Eastern Europe find success in the U.S. wallbed business. ANNA BENNETT Sergio Zagorodny and Aleks Diky created MurphyBed Studios. Their products allow clients to “add a bedroom for $1,000.” However, models start at $899. In 1989, the men and their families left Estonia and Russia, [...]

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