Home work-outs can get boring and monotonous. Especially if you are someone who enjoys being active outdoors, the winter months can feel like a form of deprivation. It is difficult to get motivated for a bike ride or a run when temperatures are hovering in the 30’s and 40’s. Throw in the winter clouds and wintry mix, and it makes it seem like the couch is simply calling your name! Fortunately, it’s possible to stay connected to your favorite activities, with some minor variations, throughout the dreaded days of Winter. Home work-outs can be fun again!

Technological advances in equipment and the abundance of public and private facilities have made participating in team sports and individual athletic endeavors attainable year-round. You can check out your local gym or invest in quality exercise equipment for your home.

Indoor cycling, once a model of drudgery and boredom, has taken a dramatic and exciting turn! We’ve all seen the commercials this holiday season and owning one of these indoor bikes looks like a party! Whether you enjoy a spin class at the gym or want to keep your legs in shape at home, new machines offer a wide variety of connectivity. Want to race a virtual leg of the Tour de France? Climb the road to Haleakala? Join in a live spin class in NYC? These new, high tech indoor cycles can take you there!

Treadmills have similar advancements, giving runners the ability to recreate their favorite outdoor routes or challenge themselves with new ones. There are actual routes around the world to check out! These new advances can turn the “dreadmill” into an exciting adventure, right in your own home.

Even rowing machines have benefited from inventive advances, using a variety of approaches to keep users engaged.

Whatever activity motivates you, the winter months are no longer a time of idleness and loss of muscle tone and endurance. Murphy Wall Bed wants you to be happy and healthy this Winter. Don’t sit around a wait for Spring, make a commitment to get moving now! With our space saving furniture, and our pull-out beds, we can help you turn your guest room into your private gym.