The open floor plan or better known as open concept is a home owner’s must-have in today’s world. Why? Because it allows the various rooms to flow while creating an uninterrupted living space.

Whether you’re living in a small 700 square foot apartment or a 3-story home, flexibility is key. Flexibility within your home will create multi functional living spaces. Some homeowners love the partial walls because it makes a part of their home somewhat secluded. Others are incorporating window space nooks to create more seating and add another place to hangout. The most flexible design of all though is having a single designated room used to serve as a multi-purpose room that can accommodate different needs throughout the day or seasons.

Multi functional spaces are being advertised and referred to using the phrases ‘flexible spaces’ or ‘living larger’. Here are a few things that open up the possibilities to a “flexible home”:

  • Movable walls to create a divided space
  • Window areas or nooks that allows the home to have more seating or a cozy space to read a book
  • Mini stations used as an office
  • Incorporating glass fireplaces, stairways or half walls
  • Bookshelves that take up an entire wall or hallway
  • Formal dining rooms being repurposed into a different use of space
  • Hide-away beds or better known as the Murphy Bed

All of these concepts are capable of achieving flexible living, but the Murphy Bed is the best addition to your home. Why? It creates another room and living space within your current home. No moving necessary. If you’re having someone spend the night or a couple months, the bed can be pulled down from the wardrobe placed in any area of your home. The living room, spare bedroom, office or basement, suddenly can be used as another space. A Murphy Bed makes for a great flexible living situation.

With the Murphy Bed, you’re capable of having your dream space with added storage cabinets customized to fit around your Bed. This type of living accommodation helps create extra space and adds innovative design to the common rooms within a home

Everyone that needs the flexible living is using it for different reasons such as transforming your dining room into an entertainment space, creating mini walls for privacy during the night hours, and making space for technology.

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