You might already have a plan for your holiday baking or tree decorating. But some of the most satisfying preparations for the holidays involve more less exciting tasks: making order in a small corner of your home, stocking what you’ll need for a seasonal chore, or decluttering unneeded or worn out items. Here are 5 lifestyle suggestions that could help set you up for success this year.

-Purge as many items as you can. Now is the time to take toys your kids don’t use to a donation center. Donating outgrown coats or clothes to a shelter is also a great idea. You’ll be making way for new toys and new clothes. Get nonprofit groups that have donation trucks to pick up at your house and finally get rid of bulky, unused items.

-Set up a gift-wrapping station. Even if it’s a corner of a desk, the back of a closet or a simple plastic tub, designate a place for all thing gift wrap. You should have rolls of gift wrap, scissors, gift bags, name tags and several rolls of tape on hand.

-Revisit your coat closet. The front hall closet is often the place sports equipment, shoes, vacuums and other random items end up. With company on its way, you’ll need that space for puffy coats and hooded jackets. Transition into the winter season by emptying it and putting away summer sunscreen and flip flops. Put a bin or tray for boots and gloves.

-Dedicate an area to holiday cards. If exchanging cards is one of your favorite parts of the holiday season, make the process easier. You can easily order them online, buy cards at your local retailer or make your own. Create a Christmas Card display area on a wall, around a mirror or frame to display cards, as you receive them.

-Be ready for drop in guests. Have extra drinks, snacks, and small gifts ready for those unexpected, but welcome guests. The holidays are a great time to reconnect with friends and family who are in town. Often, they show up at your door, so be ready and willing to welcome them into your home. That is what the holidays are all about.

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