Pillows: Why we Need to Invest

Pillows have more effect on the way you sleep than you think. Resting your head on a pillow when you sleep serves two basic functions. A pillow provides support to the sleeper’s neck and upper back when they are resting and they provide a better level of comfort than can be had without a pillow. [...]

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Why YOUR Child Needs a Murphy Bed

What if you could turn your child’s playroom into their bedroom as well? Think about it, this would mean the toys could all be in the same room! A one room clean up sounds a bit easier to control. There’s only one problem, your child wants more space in their room to play in! That’s [...]

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Picking Out the Perfect Mattress

Read over these helpful tips to pick out the perfect mattress for you!   • Do some research! Go online and search for brands and comfort levels within your price range. You want to understand price before you walk into a store.   • Talk to your doctor If you have back problems or any [...]

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