Make The Most of Your Tiny Condo!

Researcher constructs 230-square-foot home in lab to show future of living (from Tim Antoniuk’s prototype tiny condo re-defines what most would consider a ‘cozy' living room. The University of Alberta industrial design researcher has built a 230-square-foot living space in his university lab--including a kitchen, bathroom, sitting area and a fold-down bed--as part of a [...]

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The History of the Murphy Bed Studios

Since the late 1800s, Wallbeds have had a place in the homes of those looking for more space without sacrificing their sleeping quarters. Joseph Caputo, who writes for Smithsonian Magazine online,  has backtracked the history of the Wallbed: Inventor William Lawrence Murphy (1856-1957) began tinkering with hideaway beds while living in a one-room apartment in [...]

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